Digital Duo LLC. Additional Terms, Conditions, Policies & Copyright Notification

Special Web Notice:  All Web orders must obtain an approval number before your order will be considered legitimate.

Pricing:  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Quoted prices are good for sixty (60) days from the date on your sales order.

Checks:  $100 minimum per check.  All checks must clear seven (7) days in advance of order delivery.  In the case of return checks, customers shall be responsible for all fees and costs associated with collection, including but not limited to, processing fees of $35 per returned check.

Credit cards:  $25 minimum per charge.  Digital Duo LLC. accepts credit card deposits in combination with cash or check.

Should your check be returned unpaid, Digital Duo LLC. reserves the right to debit customer's credit card immediately for the full amount of the returned check, plus all associated fees and costs of collection arising from the returned check(s).  Customers agree to not canceling credit card payments after receiving completed orders. Over the phone credit card payments require customers to provide a front and back copy of the payment card via fax or an imprint of the payment card prior to order pickup with copy of a government issued photo identification.

Minimum order:  12 pieces (one dozen) of same item style and color for apparel;  24 pieces (two dozen) of same item style and color for hats;  call us for minimum amounts on specific advertising specialties or promotional items.

Order confirmation:  Customers signature on sales order form in conjunction with artwork approval will be treated as confirmation of order correctness.  Furthermore, no changes will be allowed thereafter.

Proofs:  If we generate any portion of your artwork, you must sign an approval before we will process your order further.  It is customer's responsibility to ensure the layout, graphics, wording, color schemes and spelling is correct.

Guarantee:  Due to the inherent nature of the printing and embroidery business we are not liable for any variations in color, placement, clarity, imperfections or replacement of products. Imprint colors and size of logos may vary depending on the base printable product.

Image placement:  Imprint area will be subject to our discretion unless otherwise noted;  CSPU, Inc. will not be responsible for improper image placement unless prior instructions are given by the customer.  Also note that image placement may vary from item to item due to the nature of the printing process.

Registration:  Multi-colored jobs requiring close/tight registration will not necessarily be exact.  Furthermore, registration may vary for reorders.

Turn around time:  Normal turn around time is 1-2 weeks after your order and artworks have been approved;  2-3 weeks for embroidery;  2-4 weeks for advertising specialties and promotional items. CSPU, Inc. reserves the right to hold or postpone orders depending on customer response, approval and payment timeframes.  Under certain/special circumstances outside of the company's control the company CSPU, Inc. shall not be responsible for any late delivery of the requested orders.

Rush service:  One (1) day service is $200 or 200% (whichever is lower);  two (2) day service is $100 or 100% (whichever is lower);  three (3) to four (4) day service is $50 or 50% (whichever is lower);  five (5) to seven (7) day service is $25 or 25% (whichever is lower).

Cancellations and late payments:  Your payment is due in full upon approval of your order by CSPU, Inc.  Cancellations are not allowed after the associated supply order(s) have been placed by CSPU, Inc.  Customers shall be responsible for and hereby agree to pay late charges of $15 per month, in addition to a 2.5% (percent) monthly finance charges, plus all costs of collections, including but not limited to attorney's fees incurred with respect to delinquent accounts.

Order pick-up & delivery:  It is the customer's responsibility to check their order thoroughly - as CSPU, Inc. accepts no responsibility for shortages or damage to merchandise after purchase has left CSPU, Inc. property. Therefore, customers are encouraged to count purchases prior to leaving the premises. If delivered, notice of shortage must be in the form of a written notification and are allowed a grace period extending up to 12:00 o'clock (noon) the following business day.

Over-runs and under-runs:  We reserve the right to over ship or under ship to 10% and bill accordingly.

Conduct notice:  Customers must note that CSPU, Inc. will not associate with any potential project, enterprise or partnership to which conflicts may arise after order processing.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone regarding improper conduct or behavior.

Intellectual property notice: Digital Duo LLC. reserves all rights including exclusive print reproduction rights on all artwork and logos that are custom designed for customers by our company.  Although, labor fees for design services are charged to customers, this does not allow for rights to usage or reproduction of such artwork or logos outside of CSPU, Inc.  Customers may contact Digital Duo LLC.  to request reproduction rights upon full payment for such rights.

Copyright notice:  Infringement of copyright laws whether known or unknown will not be faulted upon CSPU, Inc.  Customers placing orders take full responsibility for copyright infringement and any associated fines.  Any person who deliberately copies a copyrighted work, without permission or proper authority, violates the copyright law.  All duplication orders are accepted with the understanding that the customer has the legal right to reproduce the image submitted and will indemnify Digital Duo LLC. against any legal action due to copyright infringement.  With a release from the copyright owner, materials may be copied in accordance with the conditions set forth by the copyright owner.  Usage rights are negotiated between the end user and the owner of the copyright to allow specific usage, therefore, Digital Duo LLC. is in no position to assess particularities of individual agreements.  Digital Duo LLC assumes that you, the customer, have acquired the appropriate rights of usage, are the copyright owner of submitted artwork, or are acting on behalf of the copyright owner.

Proof Sheet:  Your signature is required for approval of this artwork before your order can proceed any further.  The turn around time for the completion of your order starts once this signed approval is returned to us.  Any changes to your artwork or delay in returning the approval to us will change the turn around time and may also affect the completion date of this order.  If your job needs to be rushed to meet your event date, rush charges will apply. Our terms and conditions apply to all pages requiring signatures.

Sales agreement:  Digital Duo LLC. reserves the right to recover all legal and administrative fees, as well as business losses in accordance with suits brought on by contracted parties where the above terms of agreement are violated.  All terms and conditions remain in force and apply to repeat orders. I have read and I understand the specifications of this sales agreement.  By signing on the front cover side of this form, I confirm that the invoice is correct and agree to pay Digital Duo LLC. the total amount according to the terms listed above.